Wartmann Base was audited. Positive results!

7 July 2016

Wartmann Base was audited. Positive results!

Recently Wartmann Base was audited by a certifying body. The result is positive and now Wartmann Base can offer welding of metal constructions in accordance with higher industry standards!

ISO 3834-2

The Certification Body certifies that the Wartmann Base has been recognized as welding workshop in the product range of welding and load-bearing of steel structures with special regard to railway industry in accordance with ISO 3834-2.

EN 15085 CL1

We successfully upgraded our processes and now manufacturing quality complies with EN 15085 CL1. The certification demonstrates the highest level of knowledge of our staff and fulfill the highest demands for performance of welded joints. Gained qualifications allow us to perform aluminum construction in accordance to class CP A to CP D.

EN 1090-3

The third audit analysed our processes according to EN 1090. The audit confirmed that Wartmann Base is able to maintain the standard of construction of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Wartmann Base has the necessary qualifications and appropriate measures to ensure the execution of the construction according to EN 1090-3 EXC3 class.


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