Waterjet cutting

Thanks to waterjet cutting the processing of a wide scope of materials is possible. Water stream under a very high pressure (up to 6000 bars) and at a high speed up to 3600 km/h (which is almost 3 times the speed of sound) perfectly cuts both thin and thick materials. Pure water is able to cut rubber, foam, or fabric easily. Abrasive particles may be added to a pure water stream. The mixture of water and abrasive material enables the processing of harder and thicker materials which allows for the cutting of aluminium.

waterjet cutting

6 advantages of waterjet cutting:

  1. Both thin and very thin materials can be processed,
  2. Low temperature of cutting protects the material from temperature, mechanical, or chemical deformations,
  3. High quality of edges (fully automated cutting tools),
  4. Cutting a variety of different shapes,
  5. Compatibility with electronic drawings (autocad *.dwg, *.dxf, corel draw *.cdr, *.jpg or other),
  6. Environment friendly process.

The waterjet cutting technology is a universal and ecological method of cutting, as it enables the processing of very thick or thin materials alike. This technology does not have any adverse impact on the materials, that is why fragile materials as well as those vulnerable to high temperature may also be processed. Moreover, during waterjet cutting, harmful substances are not released, and the process itself does not require the use of any harmful oils.

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