Production processes at Wartmann Base:

  • waterjet cutting,
  • CNC machining,
  • bending,
  • pickling.

Waterjet cutting of aluminum

We use of the OMAX 55100 JetMachining Center to perform waterjet cutting of aluminum and others materials. The JetMachining Center is used in cooperation with Base Group, our mother company.

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waterjet cutting of aluminum

Technical parameters of the OMAX 55100 machine:

  • Motion accuracy: ±0,051 mm/300 mm for cutting;
  • Speed: 5 m/min (depending on the material type and thickness);
  • Maximum working range: 2500 x 1400 mm,
  • Permissible material weight: 1200 kg/m2;
  • Cutting of unlimited range of materials with a thickness of up to 200 mm.

CNC machining

Wartmann Base use vertical machining center Hartford Sumo VMC 2100 A.  The machine significantly increasing the capabilities of machining.

Table size is 2100 x 1050 mm, and Z-axis travel is 820 mm. Tool storage capacity –  40 tools.



Wartmann Base can bending of elements with a maximum length of 3100mm, with the maximum pressure force of 1500kN. We use parent partnerchip’s machine – press brake SafanDarley.



We offer pickling of aluminum, in order to remove stains remaining after welding, using pickling baths or locally using pastes and gels.

Feel free to contact our staff who will answer any questions related to our services. We are at your disposal.

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