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  • Wartmann Base was audited. Positive results!

    Wartmann Base was audited. Positive results! Recently Wartmann Base was audited by a certifying body. The result is positive and now Wartmann Base can offer welding of metal constructions in accordance with higher industry standards! ISO 3834-2 The Certification Body certifies that the Wartmann Base has been recognized as welding workshop in the product range… View Article

    7 July 2016
  • New opportunities for Wartmann Base!

    Between 4-6. January 2016 at Wartmann Base took place a qualifying audit. We are pleased to aanounce that we are a qualified supplier of GE Grid Solutions. GE Grid Solutions is a newly formed joint venture company between General Electric and Alstom and holds a world’s leading position in the energy industry.

    20 January 2016
  • New production hall

    Wartmann Base are increasing the production area. Our new production hall is 6 meters high, so we can start the production of the larger and the much weight constructions (up to 6.3 t).

    19 January 2016
  • The certification audit for DIN EN 15085-2

    In July TÜV NORD conducted at the Wartmann Base the certification audit according to DIN EN 15085-2. The audit result is positive and the recommendation to grant a certificate is given to 08/07/2018.

    13 October 2015
  • Welcome!

    In order to strengthen further development of services within aluminum manufacturing Base Group join with Wartmann Technologie AG. The newly created entity focuses on prefabrication (cutting, bending, machining, welding, chemical treatment) and assembly of aluminum constructions for wide range of customers (airspace, energy, marine, offshore, railway, telecommunication sectors and other)  

    29 January 2015

Manufacturing of aluminum constructions

Wartmann Base specializes in manufacturing of aluminum constructions. Our main competency is welding of aluminum. Welding of aluminum is assured by complying with international standards – ISO 3834-2.

Aluminum constructions

Wartmann Base executes production of industrial equipment made from aluminum, based on drawings provided by clients. At Wartmann Base processes are thoroughly controlled by International and European Welding Engineers and the Quality Manager. Our manufacturing comply with EN 15085-2 CL 1 and EN 1090-2 EXC 3.

Our certificates

Aluminum constructions for industry

Our main clients are located in Northern and Western Europe and are a part of various industrial sectors. We produce for the fast developing railway industry and energy and also we have experience in manufacturing for: HVAC, marine, offshore, food.

Our experience